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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Report Emailer

Our software introduces a custom entity that allows you to personalise record duplication to your exact requirements. This gives you have the power to create cloned records that perfectly align with your unique business needs.


Effortless Duplication - Clone all kinds of records within your CRM effortlessly. Whether it's customer details, leads, opportunities, or custom data, our software simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.

Works with Actions and Workflows - Our Cloner software offers two convenient methods for running the cloning process: Actions and Workflows. Choose the one that fits your preferences and work-flow seamlessly.

Customise your clones as you need - Choose exactly what you want to duplicate. Select specific attributes and relationships to ensure your cloned records fit your needs precisely.

Easy Identification - Easily distinguish cloned records from the originals by adding a unique suffix. Say goodbye to confusion and stay organised.

Simple Identification - Cloned records open in a new tab, allowing you to work on them without losing sight of the original. Edit with confidence and accuracy.

Seamless Child Record Cloning - Take your duplication to the next level. Clone child records of any entity, maintaining data integrity throughout.

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