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Azure Cloud


We are here to help you use the capabilities of different cloud services in the most beneficial way. With the help of Artelligence and Cloud Technologies, you can transform your IT infrastructure into a secure, scalable, and reliable operating expense. We will provide guidance and support for all product and service options available after analysing your business needs and figuring out a solution for you that moves your key business processes to the cloud while staying cost-effective, scalable and secure.


We provide services in migrating your entire ERP system from on-premise to the cloud. This is a great choice for you if you want to outsource your computing, hosting, and networking infrastructure.


Migrating to cloud means you save on maintenance, hardware, and power, you can add or remove resources easily and you only pay for the processing power you use, nothing more. This will also ensure a 99% uptime guarantee, ensuring availability at all times.

We work with Microsoft Azure extensively to achieve these goals.

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