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Dynamics 365

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 is a leading CRM offering which has functionalities to support most of your business needs. And the ones that they don't? Artelligence is here to help.

Artelligence can help you deploy Dynamics 365 Sales on its own or integrated with Dynamics 365 Customer Service or other existing applications so you can have a unified system for your business. Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides your front-line support employees with the tools they need to resolve cases quickly and to the highest degree of satisfaction.

We will configure Dynamics 365 to your business needs by embedding your sales process seamlessly into Dynamics 365 Sales, making sure that you are all your data points are captured efficiently. We can also integrate Dynamics 365 with your existing ERP systems.



  • It is centrally hosted by Microsoft in the cloud, which means that you will get regular and automated updates, ease of access and availability on mobile and web apps.

  • Has a monthly, per-user based billing cycle which helps manage expenses.

  • Your sales and customer management teams will be more efficient and productive.

  • It can help you manage your customers and accounts by tracking every email, meeting, and phone call.

  • You can track individual, group, and company sales performance and predict revenue to locate the faults in your process

  • Lead management can be streamlined by tracking all your leads in a central system.

Not only this, Dynamics 365 Customer Service comes with a variety of analytics tools to keep track of issues and recognise problem areas. It is very configurable and also integrates with the rest of the Microsoft stack and your choice of 3rd party support tools.


How can Artelligence help?

New to Dynamics CRM? Overwhelmed by the options and features?

We provide the following services as a part of Dynamics 365 Customisations:


Artelligence Solutions can help you ease managing your business by using Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CRM. We will help you figuring out how to make the best use of the capabilities of the CRM, and configure it to suit your unique business needs. Configuration basically includes implementing the structure and administration of the system and making sure it has a good user experience as well. Configuration is essential for improving the UI design, field settings, security, business rules, use of options and features, and more.


We will help you set up the CRM keeping in mind your business and data flow making necessary changes that are needed to be scaled, extended, finetuned, accentuated, embellished and industrialized. Hence, we facilitate adopting business logic features with no-code configuration or no custom programming logic.


Configuration can look like but is not limited to:

·      Database changes and fields

·      Forms, validations and views

·      Workflows, Business Process Flows (BPF), dashboards and reports

·      Security settings

·      Calculated fields and templates


We support development of cloud as well as on-premise options to fit what model best fits your business model.


With immense experience with Dynamics 365 and handling client requests, Artelligence has the tools and knowledge to bridge the gaps between the CRM’s capabilities and your requirements. We are proficient in .NET, JavaScript and AJAX which helps us build fully functional solutions that are user friendly.


As compared to configuration, development in customization is executed for more important and complex modifications and additional functionality that may be desired to improve business processes. This comes in when there are complex requirements that go beyond what the CRM can do itself and there need to be systematic changes to the data and processes.


These are two types of user interface behaviours that may conjure with a browser or server-side computations that may cause systematic changes to data and processes.


Customization also encompasses light app and function builders, workflow automation, and simple dashboard design.


What We Develop: Web Resources, PCF Controls, Plug-ins, Solutions, Workflows and Actions.


Along with that, we can also build Power Apps for you.

Power Apps provide the ability to build smaller applications, customisable according to your business requirements. 

Artelligence will build these apps for you, fully understanding what you require and how to best achieve these goals.  We can build applications that are user-friendly, perform different tasks for different users while using visual tools. These apps are user-friendly and device-friendly and can help in the digital transformation of your business processes, for all kind of situations. 

We can also extend its functionalities and capabilities using Azure Functions.


While Dynamics 365 provides a number of functionalities, there are tools specifically designed for any particular functionality. Integrating these tools with the CRM can provide you with better results. For example, integrating Power BI for reporting would help you make better reports. Artelligence can do this for you, ensuring proper data flow.


Integration of the Dynamics 365 CRM with not only Microsoft applications but also external third-party applications and systems helps build a single smooth-functioning system.


Planning out a proper integration between your ERP and CRM systems is also crucial, failure in which can lead to failed projects or monetary losses. Artelligence knows the Dynamics CRM very well and has experience in integrating the CRM with different popular ERP systems. We believe in planning ahead and making sure you have a seamless integration between your systems. 

We can also customise the integrations with other applications to make sure you have the information you need at the tip of your fingers.


ERP Systems we have experience with: Visma.Net, Tripletex, Timber Trade, Visma Global

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