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We work with different offerings of the Power Platform, including:

  • Power Apps

  • Power Automate and

  • Power BI

Power Apps can be developed for any device.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a low-code or no-code platform to create apps, publish and share it for your business. With the help of Power Apps, we can create a wide range of applications that can help you to streamline your business process. It has a completely customized user interface that lets users to work from anywhere. Power Apps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile – without the time and expense of custom software development.


You can opt for our Power Apps development services so we can help create an interactive interface with data, create custom connectors and apply your business logic for you. Power Apps has a broad range of app scenarios to be created that infuse digital transformation into manual and outdated processes. The apps that can be build will increase efficiency in your organizations.


  • Power Apps can connect to business data stored either in the Common Data Service or in other data sources like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and SQL server. It also allows using multiple data sources together in an app.

  • A short amount of time needed to build these apps. It provides a great time-to-value where your business processes can be easily automated.


Artelligence can help you in creating apps that can customize and extend Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

Power Automate

Do you have multiple repetitive processes that consume a lot of man power and time? Using Power Automate you can take these tasks and create time-efficient workflows that perform them for you. 

Artelligence can understand the details of your repetitive processes and implement a workflow which will save time and eliminate any room for errors. These workflows can be integrated with your Dynamics solution for small as well are large processes.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product developed by Microsoft with a primary focus on business intelligence. Power BI can help you get simplified dashboards and daily KPIs. It can also be accessed from your mobile devices. 

We can integrate Power BI with your CRM system so that data from the system can directly be fed into Power BI and provide dashboard reports as required. This equips you with actionable information focused on optimising output. 

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