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Process Mining

Business processes are rarely simple. The more functionalities you add to provide better service, the more complex it can be.

Microsoft Dashboard for Process Mining

What is Process Mining? 


Process mining is an emerging data science field within business process management that uses an organization’s transactional digital footprints to examine their business processes and discover process challenges. Using the metaphor of an x-ray, process mining is an x-ray of business processes as they are exposed through data stored in a variety of digital systems. Process mining intelligent algorithms use this data to monitor process performance of business processes.

Process mining is a powerful solution that supports you with in-depth analysis, discovery, monitoring, and enhancement of your business processes. It allows you to capture process data and quickly analyze it, providing a comprehensive understanding of how your business runs. Process mining works by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems.Thanks to that, you can identify areas where your processes are hindering progress and uncover opportunities for improvement. Armed with this knowledge, you can design, implement and control more efficient processes with greater agility. 

It acts as an intersection between data mining and business process management.


As Gartner describes Process Mining,  

"Process mining tools are designed to discover, monitor and improve processes by extracting knowledge from events captured in information systems to continuously deliver visibility and insights.  

Process mining includes automated process discovery (i.e., extracting process models from an event log), conformance checking (i.e., monitoring deviations by comparing model and log), social network/organizational mining, automated construction of simulation models, model extension, model repair, case prediction, and history-based recommendations.

Marc Kerremans, Samantha Searle, Tushar Srivastava, and Kimihiko Iijima (Published 20 March 2023 - ID G00774746) 



Process Enhancement  

Leverage the power of process mining and process models to maximize their combined potential. Extract valuable insights such as process models, KPls, and other relevant data from process mining enabling you to visualize variations and conformance directly within the platform. 

Process Discovery  
Process discovery allows you to discover end-to-end processes across multiple applications, including process hierarchies and variants. You can automate your process analyses using powerful algorithms, which allow you to search discovered data for conspicuous structures and patterns helping you gain full transparency into the reality of your business processes. Quick and effortless process discovery, helps employees diagnose issues, make the fast decisions, and put the right changes in place 


Process Compliance  
Automatically compares actual process execution with the underlying process definition and your business rules. It calculates compliance rate and analyzes the "fitness value" of your documentation, providing you with a clear understanding of how well your processes align with reality. 

Microsoft Process Discover

Additionally, it provides the following advantages:


  • Developing a constant, real-time narrative of operational health, process efficiency and process risk; 

  • Quickly identifying bottlenecks and performance issues, making for faster and more cost-effective troubleshooting; 

  • Consolidation of process data across multiple systems, ensuring a comprehensive view of your entire process landscape; 

  • The capacity to conduct end-to-end analysis of specific processes within your company and Identification of processes suitable for robotic process automation, or other automation initiatives. 

Why Choose Artelligence?


We can analyse your data and requirements precisely to fine-tune your processes and eliminate unnecessary lags in flow of data. 

Tools We Support

Signavio process-discovery-en.png

SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Signavio Process Insights are popular process mining tools that are used across various industries. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is a collaborative process mining solution that helps you unleash the power in your process data to transform your business. Since it is now under SAP, they have integrated the SAP's approach. SAP Signavio combines process mining data and insights with customer journeys.

Read more about Signavio here.

Software AG's ARIS

Software AG's process mining offering is called ARIS Process Mining. The ARIS Suite has business process modelling and analysis, customer journey modelling and analysis, business process automation and task discovery and automation.

Read more about ARIS here.

Microsoft Process Mining

Microsoft's process mining offering provides hyperautomation by combining task mining and process mining.

It is well connected with the Power Platform which means we can use Power Automate, Power BI, etc. to help with data flows, dashboards, etc.

Read more about Microsoft's Process Mining Tool here.


Our Methodology

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