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Process orchestration requires precision like a symphonic orchestra

Process Orchestration

The conductor in an orchestra, instructs different musicians so they can together create the perfect symphony.

Similarly, in any business-scenario, it is essential that the different essential processes are organised seamlessly to create a single smooth flowing process. This is where Artelligence comes in. 

What is Process Orchestration? 

Process orchestration is the automation of a business process or a set of processes by coordinating the actions of different people, systems, and devices. It helps you optimise your existing resources and achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. 

It is integrating enterprise applications across the organisation to execute as Business Process.  

What is the difference between orchestration and automation? 

Process orchestration and process automation are related, but not the same. Automation is the result of using technology to automatically perform certain tasks without human intervention. Process orchestration helps tie together different business processes, including both automated and manual ones. 


Benefits of Process Orchestration  

Some of the benefits of process orchestration are: 

  • It provides quick data-driven insights to optimise decision making. 


Why Choose Artelligence?

We have a focused approach and consider your business needs to orchestrate your processes. We'll understand the overall picture and use the most appropriate tools and techniques to achieve your needs. 

Tools we specialise in: Power Automate, Azure Logic & Camunda.  

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