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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Line Item Automation

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LineItem Automation enables users to efficiently add frequently purchased together items to the order, quote or invoice in a single step using pre-defined templates. Instead of manually adding each individual product, users can select a template that represents a set of commonly purchased items and add them all at once.


Flexible Template Creation - Users can effortlessly generate templates containing both existing products and write-in products.

Inclusion of Product Bundles - Templates can also incorporate product bundles which are combination of two or more existing products.


Flexible capacity - Users have the freedom to populate templates with any number of products, catering to diverse order requirements.


Multiple template support - Users can store and manage multiple templates in our custom Automate Line Item entity.


Enhanced Order Efficiency - Line Item Automation simplifies and accelerates the ordering process for frequently bought items.


Dynamic Customization - Users can modify, update, or delete existing templates based on changing preferences.

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