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Dynamics 365 Integration

While Dynamics 365 provides a number of functionalities, there are tools specifically designed for any particular functionality. Integrating these tools with the CRM can provide you with better results. For example, integrating Power BI for reporting would help you make better reports. Artelligence can do this for you, ensuring proper data flow.


Integration of the Dynamics 365 CRM with not only Microsoft applications but also external third-party applications and systems helps build a single smooth-functioning system.


Planning out a proper integration between your ERP and CRM systems is also crucial, failure in which can lead to failed projects or monetary losses. Artelligence knows the Dynamics CRM very well and has experience in integrating the CRM with different popular ERP systems. We believe in planning ahead and making sure you have a seamless integration between your systems. 

We can also customise the integrations with other applications to make sure you have the information you need at the tip of your fingers.


ERP Systems we have experience with: Visma.Net, Tripletex, Timber Trade, Visma Global

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