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Microsoft Dynamics 365

HTTP Executor

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HTTP Executer performs HTTP actions within a CRM environment based on input parameters such as URL, HTTP method, headers, body content, and a flag for enabling logging. The addon processes these parameters to perform the specified HTTP action, capturing the HTTP response, status code, and generating logs if enabled.


HTTP Action Execution - Executes HTTP actions (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) with customizable input parameters.

Configurable Response Body - Users can easily configure response body content by selecting key-value pairs directly through the user interface on the solution's configuration page.

Error Handling - Implement robust error handling to manage scenarios such as invalid URLs or unexpected responses.

Logging Output - Generates logs (if logging is enabled) containing details of overall execution of the addon.

Rich Output Data - Provides detailed output information including HTTP status codes, response content from the API, and logs.

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