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Dynamics 365 Configuration

Artelligence Solutions can help you ease managing your business by using Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CRM. We will help you figuring out how to make the best use of the capabilities of the CRM, and configure it to suit your unique business needs. Configuration basically includes implementing the structure and administration of the system and making sure it has a good user experience as well. Configuration is essential for improving the UI design, field settings, security, business rules, use of options and features, and more.


We will help you set up the CRM keeping in mind your business and data flow making necessary changes that are needed to be scaled, extended, finetuned, accentuated, embellished and industrialized. Hence, we facilitate adopting business logic features with no-code configuration or no custom programming logic.


Configuration can look like but is not limited to:

·      Database changes and fields

·      Forms, validations and views

·      Workflows, Business Process Flows (BPF), dashboards and reports

·      Security settings

·      Calculated fields and templates


We support development of cloud as well as on-premise options to fit what model best fits your business model.

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